Great endorsements for natural medicine

Although many of us believe that a naturopathic approach to health, feels um, natural, you could argue that we are a small minority. Despite this, I don’t think the currently mainstream approaches to health are sustainable, and much as business and governments are being forced, so to say, to go green, I think consumers will increasingly be driven to the proactive and benign practices of natural medicine.

Because the natural medicine revolution is in its relative infancy (so far!), I love it when I get a chance to show shining success stories of naturopathic medicine and other alternative benign modalities.

The most common model you’ll see in such stories goes something like this:

  • person endures suffering in the form of illness/disease/deficiency
  • person endures additional suffering in the form of symptom suppression and lack of root-cause analysis from “traditional” medicine
  • person by serendipity or research finds natural medicine
  • person achieves previously unattainable levels of wellness and literally turn their lives upside-down

I have a similar story about how I found naturopathic medicine that I’ll have to share sometime. But one person, who has created one of the most candid and intimate blogs on the internet, has such a story.

This person is Gluten Free Girl, aka Shauna James Ahern. Her recent post, for those of you new to this site, gives an abbreviated version of her story. Here’s a little excerpt:

In the early spring of 2005, I was terribly ill. My body required 18 hours of sleep a day, my stomach ached all the time, and I could barely move without hurting. Doctors ordered one medical test after another, and none of them yielded answers.

My gastroenterologist refused to test me for it, even though it only required a blood test before I could stop eating gluten. He refused. Actually, he had his nurse call me. “Celiac is really rare,” she said on the message. “That’s a long shot. We’ll talk about it during your follow-up in two weeks.”

I went to a naturopath, who did the blood test. I stopped eating gluten.

When I received the official diagnosis — you have celiac — I clapped my hands and said yes! The naturopath was a little surprised to see my celebration.

The gastroenterologist was even more surprised, the next week, when I showed up for my follow-up appointment in great health, blood test results in hand. He confirmed it — I have celiac. And he left the room, embarrassed.

Yes! It’s a great story, and as you’ll see if you follow Shauna’s blog, her life really has been revolutionized since. I’ve been reading her blog for a long time now. I originally found it looking for gluten-free recipes and now that my wife is baking and selling gluten-free goodies at her work, we feel like Shauna is an old family friend.

The other story I have to share is over at the Helfgott blog: Bill Maher talks healthcare. Love him or hate him, Bill gives it to you straight. In this snippet of his show, he talks about the need for folks to forget about healthcare reform (sound familiar?) and throws light on my point that the consumers of health care should stop taking so many aptly-named “drugs,” and start simply doing something, anything.

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