What is your health legacy?

Have you stopped and asked yourself this question?

One idea clarified in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is that you should begin with the end in mind. Clarify your end goal and then plot the course to get there.

An interesting extension of this is to consider what you want to leave behind when your time on this planet is up. What comes to your mind? Leaving your family better off? Making a positive imprint on your community through your job or through other efforts?

Somewhere in the busyness of life, I think a lot of folks forget about their health, at least until a problem arises. The question this brings forth is, what is your health legacy?

Did you make the most of that astounding human body? That complex organism that defies and eludes the greatest minds of science? Were you able to teach your kids/friends/family/colleagues/acquaintances how to eat well, how to strengthen the body and how valuable that knowledge can be?

I hope I do this myself. I think I owe it to my fellow humans. I think I’m obligated to help the next generations achieve new levels of success, and to do that, they must be healthy.

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