How to make the health care debates irrelevant

This morning, OPB radio ran a story entitled, Lack Of Health Insurance Leads Many To Bankruptcy. They pointed out that bankruptcies caused by health care debts have risen sharply due to the combination of increased health care costs contrasted by the decrease in those covered by insurance.

In one example, a diabetic who had been laid off and lost his insurance explained that he had to pay $400 for an office visit to get a four-month prescription. Rather than drop another $400 on a 5-minute office visit, he started ordering pharmaceuticals online from Mexico. Four hundred bucks for an office visit? Naturally, I wondered if this person had ever considered naturopathy, where he could likely get an appointment for $100-$150, would be treated like an entire person, would likely talk to the doctor for an hour or so, and would be able to take control of his own health. Previous and ongoing studies show that specific dietary and lifestyle habit changes have significant, positive effects as treatment for diabetes.

And that gets to my point. The story brings forth two possible ideas to help solve this problem: universal health care on one hand and bringing health care prices down to “reality” to reflect a more capitalistic market. Both ideas hover far above any one person’s reach. Whether either could work or actually occur involves uncounted person-effort and time. In addition, both ideas, and the many other related ideas currently being stumped and hailed, don’t even begin to commonly define or clarify the problem.

However, there exists a solution for each and every one of us. The solution requires no kind of doctor, no special prescription, no bending of laws, no acts of Congress, and no economic analysis. Say it with me: I own my health. I have within me the power to shape my life, my mind, and my body as I see fit.

Through small, incremental changes in nutrition, exercise, your job, and even your state of mind, you can take charge of your health and get it out of the hands of any ongoing debate. You’ll know that you are doing all you can to prevent any disease or sickness. Hopefully, you’ll get to a place where you think that health insurance should be like any other kind of insurance: an investment to deal with the now unlikely event of catastrophe. At that point, you’ll know that you’ve strengthened your body and multiplied it’s natural ability to maintain wellness.


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