October is Health Literacy month, which according to this website is

a time when health literacy advocates around the world promote the importance of understandable health information.

Book Tree

The site includes listings of events, resources and a newsletter. I think the idea of helping regular folk obtain, process and comprehend health-related information is absolutely crucial to overcoming the increasing disease and cancer occurring today. I of course have to repeat the fact that one of the six principles of naturopathy is doctor as teacher. Naturopathic practitioners seek to enable each patient’s ability to take control of their own health and healing. Rather than quickly cover brief symptoms and rush you out the door with a prescription, the naturopath takes the time to understand everything that ails you, in your entirety, and will then take steps to enable you to overcome those ailments. In my mind, it’s always health literacy month for the natural healer!

However, I still like the idea of taking extra steps to raise awareness. The federal Health Resources and Services Administration has a page devote to health literacy here. In addition, there are tools such as Yahoo! Health, Google Directory Health, and Revolution Health with a wealth of resources and information. I haven’t spent much time on these sites to say anything about the quality of the content, but I like the support for empowered consumers taking charge of their health. The more knowledgeable the health consumer, the better choices of treatment and lifestyle can be made.


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