Treat the whole person

Treat the whole person. In the case of my first naturopathic experience, I was a bit taken aback by the amount of time and effort made by the doctor to understand the totality of my problem. Not only did she want to identify the root cause, she sought to explore the entirety of my being to help me overcome not only my initial problem, but anything standing in the way of my own maximum health. With this principle, naturopathic physicians employ a comprehensive approach in diagnosis and treatment. They recognize that the integrity of one’s health is best-defined through the complex interaction of multiple factors within one’s body and mind.

Within the world of corporate wellness, this principle can be applied directly. The wellness program should provide the employee the tools and expertise to identify and rectify any and all factors preventing their ideal health. This should include resources to improve physical and mental health, encouragement and strategies for lifestyle modification, and ideally, should provide emotional support through the employee’s evolution.

Companies must realize that employees are more than resources that complete tasks between 8am and 5pm. To foster a relationship that realizes the vast contributions that each employee can make to a company’s success, the company should partner with the employee for mutual success. In my mind, this means helping the employee achieve this holistic health. This way, the employee will not only perform better in their tasks, but their positive energy will infect their coworkers and help all achieve extraordinary accomplishments.


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    […] naturopathy, where he could likely get an appointment for $100-$150, would be treated like an entire person, would likely talk to the doctor for an hour or so, and would be able to take control of his own […]

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