Healing power of nature

To continue the series of thoughts considering a naturopathic approach to corporate wellness, I’ll bring forth the healing power of nature. Within naturopathy, this principle confirms that the body possesses inherent ability to establish, maintain and restore health. In treatment, the naturopath recognizes this power and works to identify and remove any weakness or blockages within the multiple pathways of the natural healing process. Further, she helps each patient create an environment, within the body and within the patient’s life, that maximizes this healing potential.

In the context of corporate wellness, I think this translates to the need to recognize that each employee has within themselves the power to shape their own health. As with first do no harm where I explained that you want to allow the employee to clarify and envision their own ideals of wellness, here you want to show them that the path to this vision already lies within them. Through small lifestyle changes that the employee either never placed enough value to finally pursue or that they simply didn’t recognize they could change, leaps in health can be achieved. Such changes might include food choices, quantities and timing; integrating exercise into routines; or adjusting life routines and schedules to allow for more “me time.”

Previously we asked, what is your picture of your ideal health? Now we ask, what changes can be made to get there? What would you do if time and money were limitless? How can we remove those factors and make those activities possible?


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